At the age of fifteen I nearly took art at school.  Instead I put my name down for science and later graduated from Canterbury University with a B.Sc. majoring in environmental studies. After careers that included laboratory analysis, dairy farming and teaching, I was drawn again to art and illustration and began a small business doing pen and ink drawings for publications like menus, brochures and business cards. In 2010 I returned to full-time study and in 2012 I graduated with a post graduate Diploma in Art & Design. These days I usually work at the intersection of biological science and art.  My work reflects careful observation but frequently incorporates visual symbols and textual conventions and adapts ideas gleaned from extensive research. I have my work in private collections in Europe, the UK, USA and New Zealand. I am often able to make time for commissions of natural history subjects, and welcome your inquiries.

'Kate has a sincere, obsessive passion … carries out exhaustive research … and isolates the splendour and quiet beauty of nature through faithful rendering.’